Top Cultural Hotspots for Tourists in India

India’s ethnicity and cultural diversity may seem a bit intriguing on your first visit, but you can’t deny her traditional impact at large. It invites travelers from around the globe.  Her rich cultural heritage owes much to her captivating history. The major tourist attractions of India comprise of picturesque hills, sumptuous cuisine, unexplored lavishness, and pristine beaches.

Identify a Few Places that You Must Visit While Touring India:

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan and is known for its rich cultural history and traditions. The “Pink city” as its popularly called is known for its rich cultural traditions. Tourists from various corners of the globe visit the palaces and forts that were once adorned by the Maharajas. All of them stand witness to the royalties of a glorious past. Apart from checking a few Rajasthani delicacies that ensure a lip-smacking experience, you’ll be enthralled to explore the festive colours of this state. The hustle-and-bustle is enough to keep you up on your toes throughout the day.

A vast network of global cities like Kuala Lumpur and Dubai connects to the Jaipur Airport.  Likewise, the Jaipur Railway Station branches out to a host of Indian cities like Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and Goa. Jaipur even connects to the rest of Rajasthan via an extensive network of roads.


The ethnicity and cultural traditions of Goa are bound to surprise you round the year. A few significant instances of Indo-Portuguese architecture, delicacies, festivities, music, and celebrations will keep you on your toes. The uniqueness of the Goan culture lies in the Portuguese influence. Goa holds a permanent position among the top 10 cultural hotspots of India due to its warm hospitality and artistic exuberance. For a first-timer, a local football match is a treat to the eyes amid other cultural and traditional footprints like that of the Carnival and the local cuisine.

You can’t eliminate Goa from your list tourist hotspots in India. While visiting Dabolim, you’ll come across the International Airport that connects Goa to the rest of the world. All major cities in India connect to Goa via the Vasco Da Gama and Madgaon rail stations. If you’re staying in Karnataka and Maharashtra, you could avail regular bus services to Goa or book app cabs with zoomcar discount coupons.

Kolkata, West Bengal

There are a few good reasons why Kolkata appears in this list as the Cultural Capital of India. The rich traditions and culture of Kolkata gain global acclaim for the city’s literary and artistic heritage.  The city breathes an air of cultural freedom in all aspects of life like movies, traveling, festivities, sports, music, and sweetmeats. The Durga Puja has taken the shape of a vast cultural tradition besides being the most significant religious festival of Bengal.

Kolkata ensures a host of international connectivity by way of its international airport and the railhead between India and Bangladesh. Sealdah and Howrah Stations are two of the essential points of connectivity for the Indian Railways. Most of the National Highways and States connect to Kolkata via a vast network of roadways.

Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Madurai guides you through the most important cultural and traditional crossroads of Tamil Nadu. The city takes pride in reflecting a 2500-year old cultural and traditional heritage that reminds you of a bygone era. One of the most alluring religious attractions of this temple town is the Meenakshi Temple. Scholars from around the globe keep on visiting this learning centre for doing their research on the Tamil language and ancient Dravidian culture. The colourful festivities of Madurai exemplify the cultural abundance of the city. The principal entrances to significant tourist hotspots connect to the Madurai Junction and Madurai Airport. Tourists even avail regular buses to flock to this historically rich city.

Mysore, Karnataka

Mysore stands among the best cultural hotspots in India. The palaces and forts present in this city have rightly earned it the title “City of Palaces.”  A few major historical attractions of Mysore include the glory of the Wodeyar dynasty and their cultural heritage. Some temples and festivities draw tourists in thousands every year. Apart from the exotic silk outfits of Mysore, the local cuisines reflect the artistic exuberance for tourists.

Every year, thousands of visitors use Mysore junction railhead as well as the Mysore airport for availing an easy route to different other tourist hotspots in India. You may even avail the regular bus services for visiting all nearby tourist destinations. These are just a few of the chart-toppers for globe-trotters that visit India for the very first time.

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