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Nainital: Land of the Mountains

This Pretty hill station Nainital, nestled in Kumaon Hills, is named after the emrald green eyes (naina) of Parvati, Shiva’s consort.

A temple dedicated to godess stands on the northern shore of the large freshwater lake (tal).

The old summer capital of the British Raj’s United Provinces, Nainital is today part of the newly formed state of Uttrakhand.

The Boat House Club was set up in 1890 on the water’s edge, is the hub of many activities and has a number of sail boats and rubber dinghies for hire.

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Trip to Nainital

Nainital Boat Club

The many attractive colonial buildings include the governor’s summer residence (built in 1899), St Joseph’s School, the old Secretariat (now the Uttrakhand High Court) and the Municipal Library.

St-John-in-the-Wilderness is an evocatively named Gothic church, fine stained glass windows and dark wooden pews.

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St John in the Wilderness Church

Nainital also has some beautiful walking trails, on of which leads from the flats, through the densely wooded Aryapata Hill, to Tiffin Top and Dorothy’s seat, lookout points offering panaromic views of the lakeside.

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Tiffin Top

Close by, and almost hidden by the forest, is an old public school Sherwood College.

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The upper Cheena Mall leads to Naina Peak, with breathtaking views of the mountain ranges. Less energetic visitors can take the cable car up to Snow View for scenic views.

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