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Now You Can Book A Room For Just Rs 399 A Night At India’s First Trekking Hostel!

Hostels aren’t just cheap dirt dungeons for cash-strapped backpackers. They’re a culture on their own.


Those who choose hotels over hostels will never know the taste of midnight snacking with a stranger, the idea of sharing a room with someone who can’t speak your language, or has nothing in common with you (except may be a love for travel and hostels).

Once you chose them, you’ll be hooked forever. And here’s another reason to woo you into this deal.

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Someone really nice opened a hostel in the pristine valley of Uttarakhand and it goes by the name Heart of Travelers Hostel (HOTs). It’s India’s first exclusive abode dedicated to encouraging people to take hikes and treks. Visit their Website – http://www.hotshostel.com/


Situated in Jeolikote, Nainital, the hostel wants you to trek and really get to know nature before you make it to their door.

Mornings at HoTs hostels are like this ALWAYS! Just sit & chill away. Image Courtesy: HOTShostels

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Once you reach there, you’re welcomed with jaw-dropping panorama.


Another scintillating element to this place is the colonial aura. The building is about 150 years old and holds a lot of historic beauty.


You can book a room just for Rs 399 a night, inclusive of breakfast and Wi-Fi.


Anyway, I don’t know about you, but I am heading there this weekend. See ya!

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