Circular Journey Ticket Applying Process

Very few reservation offices have the authority to issue circular journey tickets, and you will have to head to the main reservation/booking office at the biggest railway station in your city.  Some stations have a specific counter for issuing circular journey tickets. If yours doesn’t, you will need to approach the Booking Supervisor or the Chief Reservation Supervisor with your application.  This application has no specific format, but must contain:

  • Your contact details,
  • The class of travel for your circular ticket,
  • The date of your first journey,
  • The eight (or less) places at which you wish to break journey,
  • The specific route you will take between your break journey points,
  • The total kilometres you will travel.

This application will be scrutinised to check that your route is permissible under circular ticket rules.  It will take a minimum of a day for this to happen, following which you will be issued with a circular journey ticket.  Different zones issue tickets in different formats.  A circular journey ticket issued at Bangalore looks like this:

Keep in mind that this is not a reservation.  After obtaining your circular journey ticket, you will need to go to any reservation office to reserve seats or berths for yourself on the various trains of your trip.  You follow exactly the same process that you would to book a ticket at a reservation office, except that you submit your circular journey ticket along with your reservation form.  You will only be charged the reservation fee for each reservation (from INR 15 to INR 70 per passenger, depending on the class you travel by)