Most Beautiful Streets in the World That Are Straight Out of a Dream

Most Beautiful Streets in the World That Are Straight Out of a Dream

Well yes the street we live on is special for all of us and probably the most beautiful in the world. However, there are streets around the planet that truly capture the visitor’s imagination with their surreal beauty and spellbinding visual appeal. They are aesthetically dazzling, clean and always feature strikingly distinguishable characteristics. Plus, they have plenty of character, which is instantly lapped up by photographers. Walking and living on these streets feels straight out of a dream and is worth experiencing. Here’s presenting a list of some of the world’s most stunning streets.

1. Chefchaouen, Morocco

This one has been extensively chronicled in travel publications all over the world for its absolutely ethereal looking blue streets adorned by whitewashed homes, potted plants and mystically beautiful glow. History has it that the streets walls were blue washed by Jewish refugees in the 30s after they descended here fearing persecution. They started painting the city’s walls blue, which represents sky the sky and divine power. There aren’t many Jews in the town today but locals have continued the custom of splashing the blue hue on their homes. Befittingly, the town is known as “The Blue Pearl.”

2. The Dark Hedges, Ballymoney, Northern Ireland

Built in the mid 18th century by locals (the Stuart clan) as a more regal alternative to their already existing Gracehill home, The Dark Hedges is a stunning beech tree dotted avenue in what is probably one of the nation’s most photographed areas in Northern Ireland. The stunningly picturesque spot also made its way into Game of Thrones for its eerily mystical appeal. Local legend has it that the enchanting and spooky spot is the home of an otherworldly lady, believed to swing between trees post sundown!

3. Via Margutta, Rome, Italy

A tiny yet serene street juxtaposed between Piazza di Spagna and the famous Piazza del Popolo, the street featured in the 1953 blockbuster Roman Holiday. Located smack in the middle of touristy Rome, the calmness of Via Margutta is unmistakable along with its stunning scenery. The visually spectacular cobblestoned street is lined up with 16th century structures and art galleries. Margutta’s artistic magnificence is hailed annually during the I Cento Pittori di Via Margutta festival.

4. Heerstrabe, Bonn, Germany

Bonn’s Heerstrabe is a staple on the list of the world’s best streets owing to its attractive cherry blossoms that envelope the entire street. Tourists from all over the world converge on the Bonn’s Instagram happy street. The cherry on the cake (well yes, there are plenty here) is the annual Kirschblutenfest, which is known for its live music and lip smacking local food stalls.

5. Rue du Petit Champlain, Quebec City, Canada

The original French founders of Quebec City started creating an architectural that was reminiscent of traditional French quarters. Of course, they added a lot of contemporary influences, the result of which is the stunning, present day Rue du Petit Champlain. Sprinkled with boutiques and bakeries selling decadent specialties, the street features Quebec’s oldest stairway connecting two parts of the town.

6. Agueda, Portugal

You’ve probably seen Agueda’s Umbrella Sky Project all over the social media by now, unless you’ve been living under a rock. The world famous and absolute visual marvel began in 2011 as part of the yearly Agitagueda Art Festival. When temperatures rise during summers, the narrow streets are enveloped in vibrant canopies of umbrellas that offer much needed respite to pedestrians. Beautiful and ingenious!

7. Rua Goncalo de Carvalho, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Located in the middle of Porto Alegre, the busy metropolis’s stunning avenue is often mentioned as an example of one of the planet’s most spectacular streets. Featuring tipuana trees dating back to the 30s, the street forms a verdant green pathway smack in the middle of a concrete jungle. An impending mall construction threatened to rock the natural beauty of the street, when local residents took matters in their hand and approached the local mayor for action. The street today is designated a cultural, natural and historical heritage that remains untouched by development.

8. Tetsugaku No Michi, Kyoto, Japan

Spread across a couple of kilometers, the quaint and charming tree lined street is one of the most beautiful streets in Japan. Featuring a canal, the UNESCO World Heritage Ginkaku-ji Temple and the Honen-ji shrine all add to its illustrious appeal. The street is spectacular during fall, when leaves transform into a fiery red. The Tetsugaku No Michi is especially breathtaking during spring in April when the path is enveloped with canopies of hanging cherry blossoms, which bloom to the fullest.

9. 5th Avenue, New York City

This one needs no introduction whatsoever. New York City’s legendary 5th Avenue is a one stop shop of all things swish and luxurious. You’ll never have enough credit limit to explore the style and panache this retail hotspot offers. From Saks to fashionable boutiques to charming vintage stores, there’s just no stopping the inner shopaholic. Don’t even get us started with the absolutely dazzling shop window displays. Less is not more here!

10. Fiskargrand, Visby, Sweden

The pretty town housed on the largest Swedish Island of Gotland instantly charms visitors for its photogenic street, quaint cottages, cobblestone paths and near perfect weather. During summer the street breaks into a floral rhapsody featuring blooming roses that surround its cottages, which gives Visby its moniker of “The City of Roses.”

11. Zlata Ulicka, Prague, Czech Republic

Golden Lane, Prague, Czechia

Nestled in the Prague Castle grounds, the street name literally translates into “Golden Lane.” This is in honor of the erstwhile goldsmiths who resided in vibrant houses here during the 15th century. A large number of local artists, literary figures and Nobel Prize winning poets have also graced the homes on this street, thus helping it rise to the eminence it has achieved in recent times. Though most famous personality homes have now been demolished, the street maintains is artistic ingenuity and appeal.

12. La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The multi hued houses that line up La Boca are a reflection of its 19th century lifestyle. European migrants made their way into the city to work as laborers in the dock. They has little disposable income, which made them more resourceful and inventive. The immigrant homes were built from sheet metal and leftover paint available in the docks. There was no concept of uniformity or continuity. They simply used a different shade when one ran out, thus lending their homes a vibrantly colored appeal. Artistic recreations today recreate the charm of the erstwhile immigrant homes, along with the actual structures lined up on the street.

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