9 Airline Secrets that no one told you about!

9 Airline Secrets that no one told you about!

In today’s time every destination is easy to reach, a significant explaination behind it has to be airplanes.

Airplanes have made it easier and convenient to travel to almost every part of the world. From the creative terminals to the speedy service, everything is tremendous about the airline industry, right? And in-flight service has not lacked behind. With flight stewards serving travelers in the most ideal manner conceivable, you can’t not cherish flying!

In the midst of all the allure, there are a few privileged insights which individuals from the airline business will never let you know.

Here I bring you in an association with Neha Khatri (Former Flight attendant), 9 best kept airline secrets that no one tells you :

1: Blankets are not washed

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Most airlines don’t change blankets and pillows after every flight. They usually fold and keep it and provide the same to the passengers if asked. Blankets are changed after the day ends.

2: Minor problems/defects are not repaired immediately.

Probabilities are that minor problems in the aircraft are missed to avoid flight delays. Though an aircraft never takes off before the entire process of quality check but those problems doesn’t matter as long as it is serious.

3: Free Flight upgrades

Yes, you can avail free upgrades in the flight with no extra cost. All you have to do is behave. You can ask the flight steward for the upgrade if there is an empty seat in the upper class. Nevertheless, it all depends on the staff if they wish to give you the seat. But it’s a great shot to try asking them.

4: Locks can’t protect your luggage.

Those zipper chain in your luggage are easy to crack using a pen or pencil. To close it back, just drag the locked zipper pull around the bag.

5: Armrest hack

All the armrests can be lifted apart from the one next to the aisle. But that can also be raised from a secret button at the pivot and stretch your legs for more comfort. But flight attendants may ask you to put it back.

6: Pilots are served different food.

Both the pilots onboard are served different food to avoid the risk of food poisoning.

7: Remove old tags

Not a secret, but an Intelligence. Most people care a less to remove the old tags on their bags and that leads to luggage lost or missrouted. It actually sometimes confuses the baggage handler and conveyor belt scanners.

8: Fake health issues

Few passengers can fake their health and demand a wheel chair to gain the priority boarding. 10 goes in and 1 goes out on wheelchair. Flight attendants call it miracle flights!

9: There are days for cheap tickets!

In most cases, tickets are cheaper on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Booking in advance will never get you a cheaper ticket. Experts even suggest to book between 4 to 8 weeks before the travelling date.

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