7 Sweets found only in West Bengal

If you are fond of sweets then you must visit West Bengal once in your life. Bengal is famous for its delicious mouth watering sweets. There are many Bengali sweets but you must taste Bengali rosogulla and sandesh.  Let us tell you about sweets found only in West Bengal. Sweets found only in West Bengal Pati Shapta:- Amongst all pithas, Pati shapta is highly popular. This delicious crepe is made on festival of Sankranti. This Bengali dessert is a thin crepe of sooji and rice flour stuffed with coconut and jaggery.  People enjoy both hot and cold Pati shapta. Sweets found only in West Bengal Langcha:- Langcha is a true delight for sweet lovers. This has originated from a small region of West Bengal but now available in whole state.  Langcha is made of chana, mava, maida and stuffed with raisins and soaked in castor sugar syrup.  This is an elongated version of Pantua, another sweet dish from Bengal. Sweets found only in West bengal Sita Bhog:- Sita Bhog was assumed to be favourite of Sita, Lord Rama’s wife.  This dessert is served with gulab jamun. Made of chana dough and powdered rice, Sita Bhog has appearance of rice vermicelli. This is highly popular Bengali sweet in India. Sweets found only in West Bengal Kheer Badam:- It is two layered sweet dish. The inner layer consists tiny rosogullas while outer layer is made of grated mava and powdered sugar. Don’t gobble this mouth watering Kheer Badam in one shot. First bite its upper layer and then enjoy the hidden rosogullas. Sweets found only in West bengal Mishti Doi:- Mishti Doi is a quintessential dessert of Bengal.  Every bite of this amazing sweet is just like a ride of heaven.  This sweet is a blend of condensed milk, yogurt and coarse sugar. This delicate sweet is made on all auspicious occasions in Bengal. Sweets found only in West Bengal Lobong Latika:- This is trademark sweet representing tradition of Bengal. This is a small envelope shaped dessert sealed with clove.  Made of maida, mava, cardamom, grated coconut, nutmeg powder, clove, nuts and ghee, Lobong Latika is a sweet for every celebration. Sweets found only in West Bengal Channar Jilipi:- Channar Jilipi is made of paneer, mava and maida. It is a sumptuous dessert soaked in sugar syrup. This is a soft, fluffy and yummy Bengali dessert.You must try.   ]]>

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