7 Exotic Destinations in India that You Haven’t Heard of

Here is a list of those 7 Exotic Destinations in India :

1: Amadubi of Jharkhand

exotic destinations in india Amadubi is a recognized Art Village 65 km from Jamshedpur that handles Pyatkar paintings of Jharkhand. At Amadubi, you will be entertained by the villagers who are experts in this local form of art. The Pyatkar is painted on scrolls made up of leaves or barks and depicts mostly ancient legends popular among the local tribal. You can also see “Mander”, a tribal dance and enjoy some delicious cuisines. You should include the historic site of Dhalbhumgarh during your Amadubi trip.

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2: Parule and Bhogwe, Maharashtra

exotic destinations in india This journey covers two destinations where you may feel like spending for luxury. Purulia Village developed around a Sun Temple, which is now renovated. Besides visiting this temple you can enjoy farm life at Maachli, get fish spa treatment in a natural water body. One can relish Malvani dishes, staying in eco cottage and enjoy beautiful coastal views. You can also visit nearby Devrai to watch birds, Kille Nivati Fort to watch sun set and ride a boat to Golden Rocks.

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3: Asnoti Village of Karnataka

exotic destinations in india The place is ideal for ecotourism where one can enjoy many water sports like canoeing, kayaking, rafting, river crossing and tubing as well as rock-climbing and rappelling. As the resorts here are promoting eco-tourism you will be staying in wooden cabins and/or comfortable tents facing the river. To enhance the eco-experience, these resorts have solar-lit paths, supply of solar-heated water and waste water treatment plants. Fresh seafood is served to make a great holiday for you and your family.

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4: Damro of Arunachal Pradesh

exotic destinations in india Damro is an exotic destination of Arunachal Pradesh. It is a village of Adi Padam tribe who are known for their defense skill and democratic society. You can meet some of the bravest tribes who are welcoming and culturally rich too. The longest hanging bridge of AP is at Damro. Its beauty also includes terrace farming and bamboo houses. Try local dishes of smoked pork, chili chutney and rice beer.

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5: Poppalwadi, Goa

exotic destinations in india For a different type of holiday in Goa, visit Poppalwadi at the border of Karnataka and Goa. This is small eco friendly place with no phones, electricity or roads. You have to stay either in tepee tents having attached baths or a rooftop rooms. You can go for treks to Dudhsagar waterfalls and night safari. Enjoy Oven-fried pizzas, homemade breads and barbecues of Japanese, Indian and Italian dishes.

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6: Mainpat of Chhattisgarh

exotic destinations in india exotic destinations in india Here is a Tibetan settlement in central India occupying a 3000 acre land at Mainpat, Chhattisgarh – where you see many colourful prayer flags fluttering. The main attraction here is the Thakpo Scheduling Monastery, decorated with wall murals and containing old thangakas. You can head to viewpoints like Tiger Point, Mehta Point and Jaljali from Manipat. Get a Taste of Tau (Buckwheat), which is good for controlling blood pressure and cholesterol.

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7: Rewalsar, Himachal Pradesh

exotic destinations in india exotic destinations in india This beautiful small town of Himachal Pradesh situated in the Mandi district. The major attraction of Rewalsar is a lake which is recognized by Tibetan Buddhists as Lotus Lake. Now, the lake has the Tibetan-style Drikung Kagyu Gompa and a centre for Buddhist studies and a large Sakyamuni statue.

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