Why Facebook Ads for your Travel blog are Sexy?

Why Facebook Ads for your Travel blog are Sexy? What is Facebook Audience Network ads? No doubt Google is the King of advertisement distribution but Facebook is also not lesser in comparison. Facebook has extended its ads network to apps and blog websites and is standing side by side with Google. It is a difficult process to apply Google advertisements. On the other hand Facebook has made it simpler for all.

In Facebook’s own words, Instant Articles is “a new way for any publisher to create, fast, interactive articles on Facebook.” They should also add that this platform is specifically for mobile devices.

That is because Facebook Instant Articles only works through the Facebook app at this time. While it probably will work on the website eventually, it is mostly a mobile-only platform.

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How Can I apply for Facebook Audience Network Ads?

For apps, it has an api and for websites there is Instant Articles. Instant Articles is a way of making your blog post mobile ready and super fast. It is same as Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Once your article is approved for Instant Articles, you can use Facebook Audience Network for your articles.

Steps to Set up for Instant articles

1: Facebook Page: Instant articles tools are available under Publishing tools of your Page. So having one facebook page is mandatory. 2: Sign up for  Instant Articles: Once you have set up your facebook page, now sign up for it here – Sign up Instant Articles 3: Accessing tools: Instant Articles tools are only available on Destop and Laptops. On mobile you won’t see its tools. Go to your Facebook page => Publishing Tools. Below left hand side you will find its tools. [caption id="attachment_4856" align="aligncenter" width="573"]facebook ads Facebook Page => Publishing tools[/caption] 4: Register your Website: This step involves the registration of your website for importing your articles and converting it into Instant articles. Go to Configuration => Tools and follow the instructions to claim the website. [caption id="attachment_4857" align="aligncenter" width="633"]facebook ads You need to enter the meta code into your website header or Install the Instant articles plugin for WordPress and enter the Page ID in the plugin Settings.[/caption] Use only one method, either place the meta code in the header or Install the plugin. Placing the code: Copy the Meta property code found inside “Connect your Sitefacebook ads and now to go to your website’s dashboard and insert the code shown in the image below. [caption id="attachment_4865" align="aligncenter" width="1004"]facebook ads Inside the header file enter this code. Enter the code between the <head> and </head> and than update the file.[/caption] Installing the plugin: Install the plugin – Instant articles for WordPress and enter the facebook page ID under its settings. facebook ads Once you have set up the code, enter the website name under “Connect your site” under Configuration of Instant Article Tools  and click on the “Claim URL” button facebook ads It may not successfully claim your URL immediately. If it doesn’t happen, try after some time. It is due to cache is not updated. It will claim it eventually after some time. 5: Providing the feed: Once the URL is claimed, provide the RSS feed url for importing and converting the articles. facebook ads 6: Set up Adience Network for ads: In this section you will setup the account for ads and generating the ads codes to place it in your articles. Under Audience network => Click on Your Dashboard. Create the Placement ID facebook ads Copy the code and paste it in the Plugin’s Settings. facebook ads 7: Adding the logo: Go back to the configuration settings of Instant articles on facebook. Under the Style Click on default style. A new window will open. Here on the left click on logo and upload the logo to be published in the Instant Articles. facebook ads 8: Wait for one day: Once you gave provided all the requisites, wait for a day for facebook to import all your articles and convert them to Instant articles. You can see your articles under Production articles. 9: Corrent the errors: Once you have all the articles imported, make sure it doesn’t show any errors. If there are any rectify them by editing its HTML code. You can do this under Productiopn articles. 10: Page Manager: Preview your articles in the Page Manager app. On Desktop you can’t preview it because Instant articles are meant for mobile devices. Make sure your articles looks same as on the Desktop website. If your Instant doesn’t look same as Desktop version, Facebook will not publish it. Check thoroughly for all texts and images. 11: Submit for Review: The Final step before publishing your articles. You have rectified the errors and all seems good, now submit it to facebook for review. It takes 2-3 days to review. If they see any problem, they will let you know. Check back later after 2-3 days. facebook ads 12: Publish: If you have passed the review, now you can publish the articles. Go to Production articles => Select the article you want to publish and select Publish it. You can select all the articles and publish it all together. Publishing Doesn’t mean that Facebook will share the article on your page. It simply means now your articles are shown as Instant articles whenever you share the Blog post link on facebook. Open your shared article on your mobile phone and you can see ads showing in the article.

Advantages of Instant articles

1: Speed: The most obvious reason to implement Facebook Instant Articles in WordPress is speed. Statistics show that most people will abandon a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load. Instant Articles saves the content directly into the mobile app’s system. This means the material is delivered much faster while it removes a great deal of the material that could be slowing the site. In essence, it trims your content to be more efficient through the mobile app. 2: Improving Traffic: Because so many people use the Facebook app on their mobile devices, there is great potential to increase traffic to your site. Facebook Instant Articles is accessed by a vast audience. Links back to your site may inspire those readers to click and visit. Some owners have admitted how these posts have increased overall traffic. 3: Improving shares: Many experts attest to how a quick post can lead to a better user experience. As a result, the posts are more likely to be shared across the social network. From a marketing perspective, this may be a more ideal method to engage new visitors. You never know when your perfect post may go viral. facebok ads 4: Monetization Options: Content that is posted in Facebook through Instant Articles are able to generate revenue due to monetization through the Audience Network. This places Facebook ads on the bottom of your posts much like Google Adsense. These ads have potential to target your audience more precisely to be the most beneficial for yourself as well as Facebook. If you have a good following, your business may generate a residual income from the posts you create. 5: Increasing Social Reach: As more people use their mobile devices to access Facebook as opposed to desktop systems, Instant Articles can increase your social reach. This means a boost to your Facebook page from those on smartphones and tablets which has potential to boost sales and leads.          ]]>

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