How Traveling beats Depression and how it can help you live a better life.

Traveling beats depression. There are so many stories around the cyber world for combating dejection. Some get utilized to it and live it and some like Tariq Shakeel opted to stand against it and challenge the situation. I interviewed this great guy, Tariq from India, who just proved himself stouthearted enough to beat the most tenebrous suffering of his life. So many people come around just to advice you . But it is you who can avail yourself. And Tariq followed his zealousness of Peregrinating to be able to optically discern the light at the cessation of the tunnel. He expresses his views on his peregrination to Bhutan and rejuvenating himself from melancholy. Traveling beats Depression

How Traveling beats Depression and how it can help you live a better life.

Tell us about yourself?

Tariq: I am Tariq Shakeel, 28 now, working as a freelance tutor and work into finance and accounting. I love being with nature since childhood as I was born and raised in a sub urban family.

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Rivers, hills and forests always exhilarated me. After moving into cities I commenced craving for this close contact with nature. This pushed me to visit incipient places in search of tranquility and belongingness.

traveling beats depression

Bike gave me ‘freedom’, liberation to cerebrate, to explore, to reach out to remote places. I connected to incipient people and traditions and customs.

Biking has been an integral part of my life. For my component, I travelled not to peregrinate anywhere, but to go. I travelled for travel’s sake.

Travelling was more than the visually perceiving of sights; it was a transmutation that goes on, deep and Aeolian, in the conceptions of living.

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My goal is to relinquish what I am, and emerge something incipient.

So I might become something what I authentically am.

How old were you when you started feeling different, depressed, whatever it was you felt?

traveling beats depression

Tariq: Every man has his secrets, which he himself is not vigilant about; or at times scared to embrace it or accept it. I was fighting with the demons of my life since long, not sure how long.

Solicitousness has been chasing me for years. But there are wounds that never show on the body but are deeper and more inimical than anything that bleeds.

This is called ‘depression’.

Clinical Despondence needs not to have any reason. For me, it was a series of incidences – Vocation, health, relationships, peer pressure, everything. I had two surgeries at an adolescent age of 20 and then at 23.

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I was not able to prosper in professional life even after graduating from one of the best Graduate B- Schools of India. I felt so disconnected from the world, and I felt like no one even descries me or cares about me anymore.

I felt like it was the cessation world for me.

Some people were just betokened to give you an edification and they will just pass into your life sometimes. But the recollections remain in the heart aeonianly.

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Sometimes, albeit you endeavored your best to forget your past, there are instances that the past just keeps on coming back and would always give you something that would remind you about it.

At times I just wanted to verbalize.”Dear Past, stop tapping me on the shoulders, I don’t wanna look back”.

I will not let my melancholy or solicitousness control me. They can live here(in my mind), but they best ken, I AM STILL, AND WILL ALWAYS BE IN CONTROL OF MY DEMONS.

What inspired you to drive to Bhutan combating the depression?

Tariq: Dejection is a disease, just like any other. You aurally perceive?

People can give you fortify. But you have to treat yourself. This is what I was told by my councilor. And I was put on medicines.

I was shattered by the cruel phases of my life and didn’t have any conception on how to amass those shattered pieces and move on.

A dispirited person doesn’t have control over their noetic conceptions.

traveling beats depression

Melancholy makes it very arduous to do anything; to take any action.

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But then they verbally express, the best part of being woebegone is that you learn something.

And one comely morning, I decided to ride again. I mustered enough Valiancy to verbalize to myself that you are way worthy of all the pulchritudinous things that nature is holding in her.

traveling beats depression

Every dispirited person has his or her own story of combating dejection.

So the same thing may work for few but not for others.

My story is something weird. I decided to fight against it by doing what I am proficiently adept at. Ride. A ride for my life.

Nature is pristine, cryptic and always giving. And so was I.

Time and again people have shown their nasty and selfish side to nature but it always gives back the gratification and the resplendency of being with it.

I decided to find my solace by motor biking to world’s most ecstatic country Kingdom Of Bhutan.

Bhutan is the incipient must-visually perceive destination in southern Asia.

traveling beats depression

This halcyon nation half the size of Indiana is emerging as an astronomically immense draw, magnetizing those in search of a spiritual journey, a hiking adventure — or just a chance to experience a place afore the rest of the world gets there.

This place is rightly called as the last Shangri-La, is a paradise for bikers.

What Bhutan means to you now?

Tariq: I left a piece of my heart in this verboten kingdom of Bhutan. Bhutan is a paradise for bikers.Being pristinely mountainous, on an average there are around 10 turns per kilometer.

Nested in Himalayas, More than 60% of its area is still forest covered.

It’s a land of History, Mystery, and culture. I can relate myself to nature very

I never visited clubs in my life, but after dancing to the beats of a local club in Trongsa I realized that people don’t have time to judge or notice you.

Roaming aimlessly in the plains of Bhumthang valley made me realize that sometimes all you require to do is being “aimless”.

A typical traditional homestay in Phobjikha edified me how to communicate without words.

We all can facilely understand one ecumenical language, ‘language of Love’.

traveling beats depression

I never victualed this much Chilies and cheese in my entire life than in those a fortnight.

It convinced me to cerebrate that we should stop finding reasons from everything in life; we don’t have control over it.

[caption id="attachment_4835" align="aligncenter" width="980"]Traveling beats depression Potato Dashi, a typical Bhutanese Cuisine.[/caption]

After visiting Phallus village and optically canvassing Mask face dance, I realized that our perception of the world is still erroneous.

We cerebrate that we ken this world very well, but we ken just an inch about it.

From kids playing football to men’s playing archery, from Riding on the windy Chelelapass to the mesmerizing Dochula pass, and from trekking to nebulous Tigers Nest to pulchritudinous Dzongs of Punakha and Paro.

Everything was so fresh and full of energy as if they were chastizing and shouting at me for obnubilating myself away from them and at the same time with the warmth they were endeavoring to tell me that no matter what transpires.

[caption id="attachment_4830" align="aligncenter" width="710"]Traveling beats depression Face Mask Dance[/caption]

While riding I could genuinely visually perceive the clouds permeating me and sometimes below me as well.

And I realized, world has much more too offer, and it is authentically a nice place to be.

Every morning during my peregrination I had to get up and remind myself that look out, there are recollections out there waiting for you to live.

The way I used to visually examine myself and my life has taken a leap.

I was going to transmute and I was going to transmute for good. A dejected person does not have control over their cerebrations. Biking gave me that liberation and control.

liberation of thoughts… to explore.. to stay. To be the one.

[caption id="attachment_4831" align="aligncenter" width="710"]Traveling beats depression Kids posing with my bike.[/caption]

Your advice for others on Mental Wellness.

I was suffering from dejection, and I am not ignominious about it. I am not ignominious about it just like any other person suffering from any other illness or disease.

And I was not abashed to seek avail, just like any other person seeking doctors’ avail.

One of the roadblocks to recuperation for those who suffer from despondence is our culture’s propensity to stigmatize dejection and other noetic health quandaries.

I believe that the stigma circumventing melancholy arises from living in a culture where feelings of susceptibility are considered impotent and unacceptable.

This is especially true for men who are raised with the injunction that “big boys don’t cry”—i.e., it is not okay for men to be vulnerably susceptible and show their feelings.

In this sense, every one of us who has ever struggled with crippling dejection or solicitousness is a hero–and there certainly is no ignominiousness in that.

Everyone is a fighter and a survivor of their own type. And so are you.Find yourself, be a Spartan.

You must have aurally perceived that “travelling is the best medicine”. I felt it additionally.. !!

Now that I have got those formalities out of the way, I would be jubilant to avail those suffering from any marginally despondence.

Recollect – there is always light at the cessation of the tunnel, but only for those who optically discern it.

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