How to start your own Travel Blog?

Basics 1: Purchase a domain name: Domain name is your website name. Choose a simple name. I prefer purchasing domain from Since it offers 24X7 support and easy interface. 2: Hosting space: Hosting space is the space where your website will be stored and served to visitors. I use Godaddy’s hosting for seamlined operation. 3: WordPress: Install wordpress for the backend operations of your website. It offers a lot of free plugins and easy customization for your blog. 4: Install theme: Install a theme for the appearance of your website. Keep it simple and light, so that it is easily accessible to your viewers.

SEO tools I use

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is really important for your website to be found on the internet. I use Yoast SEO. Yoast suggests the changes to do in your post in relatively with the guidlines of the Search engines. You can also use ALL in One SEO which offers a lot of options and allows multiple keywords to be used. Go to plugins in wordpress 》 Add new plugin》And search Yoast.

Indexing your website

Search Engine will not show your website results until unless it is submitted to search engines. To submit your website, your website need to have a sitemap. Generally SEO tools create the sitemap for you. You can check your website’s sitemap this way – Sitemap makes the work easier for search engines to store your content on their server. Once the sitemap is created, you can submit the sitemap on Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster tools for indexing your website. P.S. All in One Seo tool automatically submits each new posts you have created to all the major Search Engines.

Optimization of your Blog:

With optimization your Website can load faster for your viewers hence avoiding the bounce rate.

Tools you can use for optimization

1: Optimize Images: Wp-Smush. This will reduce the size of the images and make it load faster.

2: Optimize Thumnails: Regenerate Thumbnails. This tool resizes the thumbnails of your posts and hence makes your home page to load faster.

3: Caching: Comet Cache. This tool will create cache of your website and save it on your visitors device when they open your website. So, next time the same visitor arrives on your website , your website will be loaded from the cache saved in the device. Hence saving time of loading from your server. 4: Optimize Database: WP-Optimize. This tool will optimize your database by remove unwanted files which were created while working on backend and hence keeping your website clean. 5: Minify Scripts: AutoOptimize. This tool will optimize the Java, CSS and HTML files and making it load faster when requested to the server.

Monetizing from the Blog

Earning from the blog is easy.

You can

1: Run Ads: Adding ads on the blog can give you an easy income. If someone on your website click on the ad you get a share of it. Google ads is the most famous but it doesnt allow everyone to be a part of its program. If your blog is new than forget Google will grant ads on your blog. Alternatively, I tried Infolinks. Which is almost equally pay me as google’s commission rate. Register here.

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2: Affiliate Programs: Post ads of the companies related to your blog and get commission for every sale is made throug your referral. is the most reliable and give you instant results for clicks and sale. 3:  Are you writing and writing and wondering when it will ever pay off. Think of all those efforts you put in to monetize your blog and have to work harder for it. If you come to know that you will get paid simply because they came to your blog, then will you not be trying it out. One such program is the Shorte allows you to shorten links while you embed it into your blog posts. If you have a self-hosted blog, it can work even better. Embed the code into your header page and everytime your blog shows up on the search engine, any reader who clicks on your blog post will enter and come out after monetizing it. It means even if someone does not buy from your affiliate links, you are paid for seeing your blog. If you have a high traffic website, you can monetize your blog every month.  ]]>

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