How to get a best deal for your trip to Ladakh?

trip to Ladakh as it is expensive place to be there during the peak season. And most of the tour operators charge you at around 30k-40k for one person for the complete tour. Here in this article I bring you the Best deals in the budget so that everyone can take trip to Ladakh. Here we go: 1: How to reach Leh?: Most people take a road to Leh via Srinagar. It is a cheap deal but it will consume 1-2 days to reach there + one night halt at Kargil. Generally it will cost at around 2000-3500 via road from Delhi => Jammu=> Srinagar=> Kargil=> Leh. Assuming that you halt at Srinagar and kargil. And cost can even grow if weather disturbs in the region. Lets save some time and money. Try using our Flight Calender Search and check which month has the availability of cheap flight tickets. Give a try below:

Get Cheap flight with our Calender Search

Note: Flight Ticket rates are dynamic and may change according to time and seats booked. Book as early as possible because future rates will definitely increase.

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2: Where to stay?: Stay and Food is the biggest expense of the trip. During the peak season hotel prices are sure to rise thus increasing the budget.

There is an alternative to it. Stay at Guest houses/Hostels instead of Hotels.

Guest houses will cost you as low as INR 300/per night for a single person.

I have curated the best guest houses in the area which have free wifi, hot shower and meal available, all under Rs.300/per night and all close to the market.

Tsetan Guest house is the most popular. You can check the availability below:

Click here for Guest houses: 4 Budget Guest Houses in Leh that you can book under Rs.300.

3: What to see? Most people even wander, “Ladakh is so huge” and that makes them confused that what to see or visit there?

To resolve their problem they hire a tour operator which will take you to the fixed places and the moment to enjoy and experience the culture is lost.

Skip the tour operator.

And try exploring by yourself, spend time with people and talk to the locals.

Here is the guide to Best things to do in Ladakh.

4: Roaming around: Instead of going alone, share a cab with others. Many travellers post and stick notes on Cafes board or Guest houses, looking for someone to share the cab. Just call and ask them that you want to share the cab with them.

5: For solo travellers: There is a very good and article on the net written by Vargis Khan for solo travellers. Feel free to give a try to it. How to plan a solo trip to Ladakh?

This is it. I hope I have curated some knowledge to help you on your dream trip to Ladakh. Feel free to ask anyhing related to this destination, I will glad to answer.


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