12 Most Amazing Train Journeys of the World

they’re spacious, you can get up and walk around at your leisure, and you can enjoy the scenery out. There are some amazing train journeys out there that any traveler or explorer should consider. Take The Jacobite, a stream train that takes you through the majestic Highland of Scotland. Or the Trans-Siberian, another option to make a memorable trip out of. This historic, longest single railway in the world takes you through Russia, Mongolia, and China. Another one of the longest journeys in the world, takes place in Australia where the Indian Pacific crosses the entire country, taking you through mountains, deserts, and ghost towns. If you want a fast, reliable, and comfortable train head to Tokyo and take the bullet train to Kyoto, and take in the view of beautiful Mt. Fuji. And for some breathtaking natural beauty, head to the Canadian Rockies and take the Rocky Mountaineer with glass domed roofs to take in all the surrounding nature. And there’s more. Check out the infographic below to learn about 12 of the most amazing train journeys. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="720"] The World’s 12 Most Amazing Rail Journeys [Infographic] courtesy of Pettitts[/caption]

Which one of these would you want to take? Share your views with us.


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