5 cheapest countries to visit on an Indian passport

Here are five cheapest countries to visit on an Indian passport:

1. Nepal

Perhaps the cheapest and still, one of the most mesmerizing places to travel from India is Nepal. From food to adventure activities, everything in Nepal is suited for budget travelers. There are several nature tours as well as religious visits that you can be a part of Expenses: Flights cost around Rs 4500 from Delhi and around Rs 7,000 from Mumbai but can be cheaper if you book 4-6 months in advance. Accommodation in Nepal is cheap with rooms in Kathmandu beginning as low as around Rs 500 and luxury rooms costing around Rs 4000 per night. Food is cheap too. You do not need a visa to enter Nepal. You can wrap up your five-day trip under Rs 25000.

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2. Bhutan

One of the lesser explored places near India is Bhutan. Scenic landscapes and monasteries, Himalayan tours and a culture worth experiencing, Bhutan can be an excellent and cheap vacation choice. Expenses: You can actually travel to Bhutan by road without a visa via buses or shared cabs costing around Rs 2,000 per head. Accommodation can be cheap beginning at around Rs 2,000. Visit places full of natural beauty and eat at local joints. You can easily wind up your five-day trip under Rs 25,000.

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3. Thailand

Thailand is not a new entry in the travel wishlist of Indians. Be it natural beauty or a lively nightlife, wildlife or adventure activities, Thailand has something to offer for all kinds of travelers. It is arguably the most popular foreign tourist destination for Indians. Expenses: If you book in advance, flights cost under Rs 10,000. Indians get visa on arrival costing around Rs 1800. Accommodation can begin as low as Rs 1,000 per night. Food and fun can cost as low as you like depending upon your style of travel. If you do not indulge in shopping, you can easily wrap up a four-day trip to Thailand under Rs 30,000.

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4. Singapore

Another popular destination for Indians is Singapore, famous for its food, culture and architecture. In just 2-3 days, you can cover all of Singapore’s major attractions like the Singapore zoo, The Botanical Gardens and the Universal studios. Expenses: Flights cost around Rs 14,000. Your tourist visa will cost you around Rs 2,000. Decent hotel rooms costs around Rs 2500 a night and hostels begin at around Rs 1700. You can wrap your trip up under Rs 45,000.

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5. Vietnam

The happy land of Vietnam is a becoming more and more popular with tourists from across the globe due to its cheap prices and scenic beauty. Walk around the local market or take yacht cruises. Check out the wildlife, the beaches, the islands and relax at the local pubs with Expenses: Flights can cost around Rs 18000. Accommodation begins at around Rs 600 but a comfortable room may begin at Rs 1200. Nevertheless, food and activities here are very cheap and you can wrap up your entire five-day trip under Rs 45,000.]]>

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