How to book cheap flight tickets for your next vacation

Source[/caption] One of the first things that we do after we decide to take a vacation is to look up for air tickets. But did you know you could save bucks by following a few smart hacks? Yes, you can book cheap flight tickets, all you have to do is make sure you book at the right time and follow the right steps. We share with you some such travel hacks. The very first thing to do if you are booking flight tickets online is to open a tab in incognito mode. This is because you are likely to get a higher price the next time you check out tickets. And if you are on incognito mode, the chances of this happening are very few. Another thing to do is to try and take different airlines for your onward and return journey. Many a times, you will find flights that are cheaper this way than going for a round trip. So mix and match to get a good deal. You will also find apps that will show you which destination has cheaper flights so instead of going by the destination, you could also go by cheap tickets. Download these on your smartphone and keep checking for fares once or twice every day. Another thing to do even after you’ve booked your ticket is to check the price the very next morning. Sometimes they drop and if your tickets are refundable, you can cancel and book the cheaper ones. A little bit of planning and you will be to get the best deal possible and enjoy a splendid vacation in an exotic place. Good luck!]]>

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