10 cheapest destinations for backpacking in India

10 cheapest destinations for backpacking in India


Situated in the picturesque Kangra valley and set against the Dhauladhar mountain range in Himachal Pradesh, Dharamsala is an ideal retreat for nature lovers. Apart from the natural beauty and scenic views of the mountains, Dharamsala is also popular with adventure lovers and para-gliders. A room in a budget hotel could cost as low as around Rs 200 per day. Approximate expense per day: Rs 700


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Ladakh or the ‘Land of High Passes’ is barren yet beautiful region located in Jammu and Kashmir state in northern India. Because of its remote location and high altitude, Ladakh is not for those looking for a quick holiday. You need time on your hands and oodles of patience. This makes it ideal for backpackers. With regard to accommodation, Ladakh offers several options from family run establishments, to guest houses to budget hotels to rooms in monasteries. Approximate expense per day: Rs 1400

Parvati Valley

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Located in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh, Parvati Valley is favorite with adventure seekers as it offers a heady mix of scenic landscapes and avenues to experience an adrenaline rush. Parvati Valley is the ideal place for a vacation if you want to chill in the lap of nature. The villages in the open spaces by the banks of the Parvati River are ideal for camping during the summer season. Be it the relaxed, scenic villags of Kasol and Tosh or the spectacular, high-altitude Kheerganga with its hot water springs, Parvati valley has loads to offer. Budget and mid-range hotels abound in Manikaran and there are many stalls and restaurants that serve good North Indian dishes. Approximate expenditure per day: Rs 600



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Jaisalmer, also called the Golden City of India, is a land of fascinating sand dunes, magnificent havelis (huge bungalows), bewitching palaces and stunning Jain temples. It is located in the midst of scenic Thar Desert. You can go for a camel safari through the sand dunes, visit the Gadisar Lake which is a popular hangout for birds and water-lovers alike, check out the Jaisalmer Fort or visit the one of a kind Desert National Park, all at very low costs. Approximate expenditure per day: Rs 1000



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Popularly known as Little Tibet, Spiti is a remote valley nestled in the Himalayan Mountain range in Himachal Pradesh. Apart from the culture and natural beauty here, Spiti also offers trekking and jeep safaris amidst its scenic mountains, enchanting landscapes, glaciers and pristine environment. For accommodation; government as well as private guest houses, are available at Kaza, Tabo, Losar, Samd, Poh and Sagna in Spiti. Moreover, home stays are also available in several villages which provide good budget accommodation. Approximate expenditure per day: Rs 900



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Located in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, Gokarna is renowned for its temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and pristine beaches. Framed by the majestic Western Ghats, the beaches are clean and less crowded. One of the beaches is named ‘Om’ named after the Hindu symbol. One can find budget, mid-range hotels and beach resorts which provides modern facilities. Lodges and rooms run by the locals is also a good option to stay. The Namaste lodge on the Om beach is quite famous amongst backpackers. Approximate expenditure per day: Rs 1000



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Goa is the smallest state in India and yet, arguably, the biggest tourist destination of the country. The beaches, churches, markets, parties and natural beauty of this land full of life on the west coast of India is what mesmerizes many visitors and leaves them asking for more. One of the best parts about travelling to Goa is that it has something for everybody and there are loads to do irrespective of your budget. Budget accommodation is available at shacks on the beaches where you can relax, jog, and go for a swim when you feel like or have a meal at one of the several eateries. Approximate expenditure per day: Rs 1200



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Located at the foothills of the lower Himalayas in the state of Uttarakhand is Rishikesh, a pilgrimage centre where life revolves around prayers and festivals. People come here for the cleansing of their mind and soul and to spend their time in meditation and offering prayers. The Ashrams organize meditation camps for stress induced ailments using the ancient methods. It is also home to the annual International Yoga Festival held in early February. You can also go for the adventurous activities like wild forest trekking, mountain biking, water rafting, rock climbing and bungee jumping. Various types of hotels are available in and budget hotels can be found throughout the town and are available for around Rs 800 per night. Approximate expenditure per day: Rs 1400



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Meghalaya, the wettest place in India, is a beautiful state in the north-eastern region of the country. It is a great destination for backpackers who want to stay away from the hustle bustle of metropolitan cities. The city of Shillong offers some mesmerizing waterfalls, crystal clear lakes and impressive mountains. Cherrapunjee is famous for its rainfall, live root bridges and trekking trails. There are many affordable and comfortable accommodation options in Meghalaya for budget conscious travelers. From guest houses with basic amenities, resorts that offer better facilities, cottages, to homestays, you will be spoilt for choice. There is also a hostel at Cherrapunji called ‘By the way’ where you can stay at Rs 250 per night. Approximate expenditure per day: Rs 800



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Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its ruins of palaces, temples and royal buildings. The Virupaksha temple is the most prominent building in Hampi. Other attractions of Hampi are the Lotus Mahal, Hazara Rama temple and Lakshmi Narasimha temple built in Vijayanagar style of architecture. There are many accommodation options in the city. Visitors can find many budget, mid-range hotels and cottages with modern amenities. Approximate expenditure per day: Rs 1000]]>

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