How to book Through Ticket – Indian Railways

Lets say If I want to Take a journey from Bhopal to Guwahati. But there are no Direct trains. So, I will book a ticket for two trains. Look at the example below.

A typical railways ticket booking form

In the area highlighted in the yellow box, start by entering the train number of the first train you want to take.  If we use the example of the Bhopal – Guwahati journey, you will fill the “Train Number” box with the number of the first train (12155, Bhopal Express).  Fill in the date of journey, the class you want and the number of seats or berths you want.

In the “from” box, write the name or code of the station you start from (in this case BPL, Bhopal).  In the “to” box, enter the name or code of the station you want to reach in the end – in this case, Guwahati, GHY.

In the “boarding at” box below, again enter the name of your origin station.  So, Bhopal again.  However, in the “reservation upto” box, enter the name of the station you will be travelling to by your first train.  Here, you would enter “New Delhi“.

Fill in the passenger details column as usual.  In the “Onward/Return Journey Details” box (the one highlighted in orange), fill in the details of your second train – here, I would input the number of the North East Exp (12506), the date I board this train, the class I’m travelling by (here, Second AC Sleeper again).  In the “station from” and “station to” columns, enter the stations between which you’re travelling in your second train – here, “New Delhi” and “Guwahati“.  It is also possible to leave this field blank, which gives you an open ticket for the second leg, allowing you to travel by Second AC Sleeper (or any lower class) on any train between the two stations, subject to seats being vacant on this leg.

Submit this form to the clerk, informing him/her that you want a telescopic or through ticket.  Your ticket should be generated.

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